Our meetings have been described as everything from "Organised chaos" to "Primary school art class with beer". It's pretty difficult to sum up a meeting, as we mix things up on a regular basis. Generally speaking though, we follow the same broad format each time.

First of all, we have our science round, which is usually a quiz on the Trekiverse​. Questions range from really easy to really hard, and we try to make a good portion of them guessable, so we're not just catering for members with photographic memories! We break this into several sections, so people can chat, visit the bar and not have to tax their brains too much!
We also run a command game, which is a game of chance. In the past we've played bingo, and run a silly dice game, but we're always thinking up new ideas, so you might only see the inflatable dice once a year!
Then, there's the unexpected jewel in our crown... engineering. This usually involves 15 minutes of mayhem with some randomly chosen art supplies, and has proven to be the most popular and silly section of our meeting, with fully grown adults racing to grab the crayon they want, modelling in plasticine with tongues stuck out, and sticking pipe cleaners up their noses to complete a wearable challenge. We've had requests for stickle bricks, and heard people make satisfied noises when we say we have play doh. You have to be there to
appreciate it!
All that said, we're not about to rest on our laurels, so you might turn up to a meeting and find we've tweaked the format, or thought of something different. The entire point is for our members to have fun hanging out with their fellow geeks, so if we make you laugh, we reckon we've done our jobs!